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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme:

It is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. It is a full time course offered through four semesters affiliated to Osmania University Hyderabad. The programme’s focus is to impart quality management education conforming to global standards. The programme offers tremendous opportunities for students to optimize their potential to build challenging career. For successful completion of the programme and to derive the maximum benefit, a significant investment of time, energy and dedication is needed on the part of the students. The learners need to put in continuous effort throughout in classroom learning, study sessions, group discussion, seminar presentations, case studies, using library resource etc. Consistent attendance is a necessity, not an option. The syllabi, the teaching methodology and learning process are intensive, interactive and integrated that require the student’s continuous application and time management skills.



  • To propagate management education among the students and equip them with the required conceptual and managerial skills for decision- making and problem solving.
  • To create polished skill and instill the executives culture among forthcoming Business Manager & Administrators.
  • To equip the students with innovative and inter-disciplinary perspective to competently respond to the challenges posed by the national and global business scenario and emerge as successful business leaders.
  • To cultivate entrepreneurial qualities and abilities among students in order to transform them as Impetuses for self employment, economic development and human welfare; and
  • To strengthen industry-institute interface for effective utilization of natural and human Resources and work for mutual advantage.



  • The College offers specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management Finance.
  • Affiliated to Osmania University, the college strictly follows the syllabus prepared by the University.
  • Semester External exams are conducted for 80 marks in each paper and 15 marks are allotted for two internals and 5 marks are allotted for two internals and 5 marks for assignments as per University Regulations.


Our Strength

Academic Performance of The Institution has always been exceptionally good. Pass percentage has been around 90% right from the beginning. The overall pass percentage is always higher than that of  University Average.


Teaching Methods

In our college our faculty follow, three primary teaching methods, which includes case study, lecture and discussion, and experiential learning. Each of these methods caters to a different learning style, and has specific skills and topics which it develops best. Our goal is to optimally combine these methods so as to best prepare students for the variety of challenges they will encounter in the business world.


Lecture and Discussion

In lectures and discussions method the teachers leads the class, explaining theories behind economics, statistics, marketing and other important business subjects, while students take notes. In addition to the lecture portion, our teachers dedicate time to discuss the subject or sometimes delegate the role or encourage students to discuss the material in independent groups.


Case Study

This method emphasizes student participation and leadership rather than Instructor-led lecture and discussion. Our teachers guide students in analyzing a business scenario, consider the possible options for action and attempt to recommend the best solution or plan. This methodology prepares students for actual situations they may encounter in their future careers as members of the business community, teaching them to make measured decisions, consider a problem from all angles, and work effectively with their peers as leaders and teammates.


Experiential Learning

Experiential learning includes team challenges, simulations, field work and extracurricular activities unlike the other classroom-bound styles of curriculum, experiential learning attempts to apply theories to real-world situations. In this method Professor makes student to focus on theory and helping students to examine these theories in a more practical context and encouraging students to learn by doing.


Apart from normal teaching pedagogy to develop students in all means we have developed concept called Finishing School.<<<>>