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Admissions are in Progress

Our Vision

What will the world look like in 20 years time?  What will a mobile phone be used for? Will we still have a mobile phone or will be connected to the global network through something we wear?  What will be our men and women be achieving? Will our environment be changed so much that our lives will be totally different? None of us can answer these.  But this definitely be your world,  the world you need to understand and be a part of.

To help understand this complex future, OMEGA is working on concept of exciting learning environment which we call WHITE SPACE.  In simple terms, this means that we are venturing into the future, moving into the future,  moving into unchartered territory to fing creative and innovative ways of applying knowledge, skills and technologies in completely new fields.  That is encouraging our students to move beyond the narrow parameters of conventional academic displines into the areas where discoveries are made and big things happen.

Our Mission

In our view, the ability to move freely between disciplines lead to submitting and rewarding career paths. Those who acheive this flexibility are opportunities.  They are the entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators.  They are the people that tommorrow's employers are looking for.

Many of the courses that you find in this prospectus give you the opportunity to think outside the box and develop your own WHITE SPACE.  And those opportunities are set to expand as we continue to develop the concept of WHITE SPACE at OMEGA. This approach will not only stimulste you while you are at the college but will also prepare you to develop your expertise, skills and abilities of breaking barriers incessantly throughout your life.

If you want to be a part of WHITE SPACE, to be in the most exquisite place in the world, then join us on one of our programmes and setout on your own, personal, learning journey.