Mr. Nagam Mohan Reddy  

Founder & Chairman

Omega is a unique place of learning shaped by the vibrant past, present and future of INDIA. Building on this impressive educational heritage, we have emerged into one of the most progressive and exciting educational institutions in Hyderabad.

Omega is an exciting place to be. We place our students at the centre of everything, we do I work hard to ensure that you receive the support, guidance and help you need to get the most from your studies and wider college life. External quality assessors, as well as our students, have commended the college for the strong links between staff and the students.

The words which provide the arching theme for the VISION are "Leading, Inspiring & Delivering".

"Leading" define the Omega's commitment to it's students, tomorrow's leaders-informed by research which commands world's attention.

"Inspiring" underlines our determination to create the atmosphere which allows our students and staff to unleash their potential while "Delivering" focuses on our promise to support these words with actions.

Our ethos is summed up by three words, "Dream, Plan, Achieve", once an individual joins OMEGA  either as a student or as an employee they are definitely changed by its experience, intellectually and at a deeper level as individuals.

Ultimately, the success of OMEGA  is reflected in the thousnds of students who graduate every year. I hope that you too will soon be part of this exciting OMEGA and that we can help you realize your aspirations for a bright and successful future.